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How does article marketing compare to pay per click?

How does article marketing compare to pay per click Advertisement?

For many years now, there has been a heated debate on many online forums, as to which of the two advertisement methods is the best. Some professionals will tell you that article marketing is the best while others advocate for pay per click advertisements.

Pay per click (PPC) is a paid marketing option, in which you pay to have your advertisement to be displayed on search engine results, in the form of clickable banners. Article advertisement, on the other hand, is essentially Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of websites, using informative content. In most cases, article marketing is combined with link-building to enhance its effectiveness.

With each of the advertisement methods having a unique set of advantages and disadvantages to offer, the suitability of each will mainly depend on the field of application. Rather than trying to figure out which of the two is the best,

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Optimizing Banners With Three Dumbed Down A/B Tests

Optimizing Your Banners With These Three Dumbed Down A/B Tests

A/B testing works best particularly in online marketing and or digital advertising, it usually puts two clashing ideas in one box to find the best fit for your marketing desires. In this new era, where technology becomes the primary tool for work and business, it is important to never miss a thing about these A/B Tests, or “Marketing Tests”, which will help you acquire higher potentials of online marketing by improving email campaigns, banner ads, web pages, landing pages, text ads, image ads and more.

Optimizing your banner ads is never a one-time job, it’s not like the usual editing, it needs to be constantly reorganized, especially when it involves product marketing and other peaks of digital advertising. While few individuals do not know how these things work, most digital advertisers know the true value of these “Marketing Tests”.

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9 Reasons Why Advertising Online is Essential

9 Reasons Why Advertising Online is Essential For Your Business

If you have yet to start advertising your business online then you should really reconsider. In recent years online ad spending has increased so dramatically that it is expecting to overtake spending on print advertisements. If you think that spending money on online advertisements is a waste of money, then you are missing out on all the benefits that online advertising offers.

Here are just some of the reasons why online ads are worth the money.

Instant Information

No focus groups or polling the crowd here. With online ads you get information on what ads are generating clicks, whose doing the clicking and where they saw the ad. This is a wealth of information that is not available with print ads. When you put an ad in print it can be weeks or even months until you have a clear idea if that ad campaign worked,

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