Optimizing Your Banners With These Three Dumbed Down A/B Tests

A/B testing works best particularly in online marketing and or digital advertising, it usually puts two clashing ideas in one box to find the best fit for your marketing desires. In this new era, where technology becomes the primary tool for work and business, it is important to never miss a thing about these A/B Tests, or “Marketing Tests”, which will help you acquire higher potentials of online marketing by improving email campaigns, banner ads, web pages, landing pages, text ads, image ads and more.

Optimizing your banner ads is never a one-time job, it’s not like the usual editing, it needs to be constantly reorganized, especially when it involves product marketing and other peaks of digital advertising. While few individuals do not know how these things work, most digital advertisers know the true value of these “Marketing Tests”.

First step: Calls-to-Action

This “Calls-to-Action” step (usually shortened as CTA) is one of the most important factors in dealing with your banner ad optimization. Whether or not you are into click optimization, putting an effective CTA in the list can radically outgrow your marketing performance.

While we all have our own choices, our choice may still set us apart from our viewers’ thought. In short, what we think is best may not be best for them. Looking for a strong CTA is too unpredictable and the only way to find out is through a test. Most cases suggest CTA such as “Buy Now” or “Act Fast” to be the most effective and capable.

Fact: Channeling your CTA will result in more progress that will make your way of market more productive.

Second step: Colors, Images and Backgrounds

This step can be the easiest among others, but not in getting the perfect fit for your banner images, colors and backgrounds. Banner marketing is more than just simply picking your color, desired images and backgrounds, because this may diverge as to whether or not include a graphical element, a photo or a background for your desired display ad.

Most banner advertisers would prefer a banner maker with a unique and creative combination of texts, colors and images that may help them generate the best results.

Third step: Value Proposition

Summarizing the value proposition of your market through banner marketing and or banner ads is usually limited to at least one potential statement. Testing minor variations even without the need of switching your main focus as to what your banner message exactly means could grow your performance and gets you a quicker flow of profits. In addition, growing the marketing performance of your business does not only signify an increase in revenue, but it also means you’re learning things in the process.

Final Thoughts

These three simple A/B tests in optimizing your banner are just a few of the simple tools of online marketing, digital advertising, and other web-related businesses that may increase the potentials of your business, particularly in the field online marketing or display advertising.