9 Reasons Why Advertising Online is Essential For Your Business

If you have yet to start advertising your business online then you should really reconsider. In recent years online ad spending has increased so dramatically that it is expecting to overtake spending on print advertisements. If you think that spending money on online advertisements is a waste of money, then you are missing out on all the benefits that online advertising offers.

Here are just some of the reasons why online ads are worth the money.

Instant Information

No focus groups or polling the crowd here. With online ads you get information on what ads are generating clicks, whose doing the clicking and where they saw the ad. This is a wealth of information that is not available with print ads. When you put an ad in print it can be weeks or even months until you have a clear idea if that ad campaign worked, with print ads you’ll known within days.

With all the information you get from online ads, you will be able to quickly pull campaigns that are not working and expand on those that are. There is no end to the information you get with online ads.

Advertise to Your Ideal Client

With online advertising you can make sure that your ads reach exactly the people you want. There is no advertising to the wrong crowd. You can target and even retarget your ideal clients so that you never waste an ad on people who will not be interested. You can be incredibly specific about your target group when you create an online ad. You can choose the age, gender and even the interests of the people who you want to advertise to and even what time you want to advertise to them.

Show Your Creative Side

Online ads allow you to be as creative as you want. Gone are the days when an online ad was simply a picture or a line of text. Now you can create intriguing videos and maybe even make them go viral. You can also hire professionals to create animated or flash banners and ads which can easily spur brand recognition. Since these ads can be easily changed and updated you can get more creative with your ad campaign and really have fun with your ads.

Increase Brand Recognition

One of the biggest benefits to online ads is the ability to increase brand recognition. You can use the constant internet presence to create eye-catching campaigns that get your brand noticed and shared. The more you get consumers excited online the more they will easily be able to share that ad or product. You can use this interest in your product to create new targeted ads that will once again promote the brand and increase brand recall.

Change is Easy

Perhaps the best part about online ads is that you have constant access to them. Unlike print ads which are set in stone once they are printed, you can always go back and make changes to your online ads. Find a typo? It can be fixed with a few keystrokes. Figure out an ad campaign isn’t appealing to your customers, replace it with a new one. The ability to change your ad campaign as it’s running is something that only online ads can offer.

Customize Your Audience

Just like the ability to target your ideal clients you can also customize how big your advertising campaign is. Demand-side platforms in online marketing allow you to grow or shrink or your campaign quickly and in a way that builds the campaign in the best way possible. You can choose whether self-service providers or full-service providers to be able to optimize, scale or budget your ad spending. If you are new to online ads you can start small and then quickly grow your audience as you see the benefits.


If you are wondering about fitting online ads into your budget, that should not be a major concern. Online ads are must more affordable than print or television ads. You can also change your online ad spending in an instant, whereas with print or television you are either locked into a contract or pay the money upfront, with online ads you can change what you spend on a daily basis. So not only are you spending less to start but you can increase your ad reach instantly or reduce your costs instantly.


Many people are turning away from television because they are tired of commercials or because they can get their favorite shows cheaper through online sources. Using online ads means that you still have access to those consumers even as they are fast forwarded to commercials or watching less television. Users are even turning to digital magazines and news sources instead of print, so you have a way to reach those consumers as well.

Knowledge of the Consumer Response

One of the most unique parts about online ads is the ability to see how long a consumer spends looking or interacting with your ad. This allows you to see how effective your ad was with each type of consumer that views it. This information can be crucial to building a new targeted marketing campaign in the future.