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Where to Advertise Your Web Banner Ad

In deciding where would be the best place to advertise your web banner ad, you should think about certain key aspects. Subject Consider the actual product you’re trying to sell. Now think of those potential customers out there who might be interested in your product. What are the types of website they would be likely...Read More

How to use a Web Banner

So you’ve heard all about web banners and would like to find out how to use one? The good news is that banner ads are in common use. They’re tried and tested, they work, and when they work well they can get your message to customer numbers that magazine advertisers can only dream of. There...Read More

How Banner Ads Work

Banner ads are part and parcel of today’s web experience. If you spend any amount of time surfing internet sites, you’ll be confronted by these advertisements regularly. The actual pages they’re liable to appear on vary tremendously, as do their actual dimensions (they’re usually rectangular; apart from that their size, colour scheme, background image content...Read More