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Six Things Every First Time Banner Marketer Should Know

One of the most important things that a business must do to ensure they attract the customers they need and want is advertising. Advertising and marketing comes in many forms. Depending on the medium that you are using you need to use an effective marketing tool. When it comes to television or radio, there are...Read More

How Your Grab Attention With Compelling Headlines

Banner advertising is one of the most common ways for businesses to advertise online. You will see banners all over the internet with many commercial sites selling banner space as a source of income much the same way as print publications sell advertising. So with so many banner ads, how can you make yours stand...Read More

Choosing The Best Placements For Your Banners

Once you have made the decision to use banner advertising to market your business, you may think that getting the design of the banner right is all you need to worry about. However, having the most beautiful banner in the world will not do anything for your business unless you know where you are going...Read More

What Is A Web Banner Ad?

If you’re looking to advertise your business, you might have considered the traditional route, such as newspaper or magazine advertising. If you have more of a budget at your disposal; perhaps radio adverts or even TV? There is however, one type of advert that is simple to put together, relatively inexpensive and the instant the...Read More

Using Your Banners

One key question about banner ads is how to track down the sites that will actually host them. The type of site will depend on how you want to go about deploying your banners ads, and there are two ways of doing this. You can go for free banner exchanges. There are a number of...Read More

How to Advertise Your Banners on Google Adwords

Placing a banner ad in conjunction with your Google Adwords account is a tried and tested method of getting your advert noticed on the web. First of all, get the banner ad ready – we’ll assume you’ve already got this looking snappy and enticing, as there’s no point going to all the trouble of inserting...Read More

Banner Ad Exchange

Banner ads can be a great way to promote your business or product. A well-designed ad, prominently placed on websites, can reach a potentially massive customer base. But there are other ways of doing this and what some advertisers opt for is a banner ad exchange program. A banner ad exchange is a network you...Read More

Banner Ad Technical terms

There are a number of technical terms and acronyms associated with banner ads. Here is a glossary explaining those that are in common usage. Animated Banners These are banners which do more than simply display text and/or a static image. They present moving images, aimed at making the banner more eye-catching to customers. The most...Read More

Best Banner Design

Banner ad designs can be a key income source for websites. So the difference between well-designed banner ads and poorly-designed ads is something you should always be considering. Particularly as this difference could end up costing you lot of money. At the outset, it would be well worth thinking of paying for a better design...Read More

Flash Banner Design

The web is positively brimming with banner ads. They’re all over the place – on commercial websites, on Google, in Facebook. So if you’re considering a banner ad campaign, creating a Flash banner is one way to get noticed. So what are we talking about here, and what’s so good about these Flash banners? Flash...Read More